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What is Decopatch?


~Decopatch paper is easily applied to any kind of surface (flat or uneven).

~Decopatch is the only paper which produces a smooth texture and a real paint effect.

~Decopatch paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colours will never fade or run.

~Because it is a very thin , but strong and flexible paper, Decopatch is especially easy to use.

Getting Started


~Decopatch Paper

~Paperpatch Glossy Glue

~Decopatch Hog Bristle

~Brush Aquapro professional varnish (optional)

~Cup of water (to clean brush)

~Scissors (optional)

Inspirational Ideas

Table Lamp

  Inspirational ideas can be found on our on line shop . Send us your photos of your Decopatch products, Happy Decoupatching!

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Decopatch paint with paper
Decopatch paint with paper . Genuine Decopatch papers can be found on our on-line shop at a great price.